Tell me what you drink and I'll tell you what to eat

As the saying goes, appetite is born at the table! And at our table, food has always been a conversation subject for any occasion. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in our life, we eat and talk about what we eat , we appreciate and enjoy discovering all kinds of delicacies, but above all we are happy, very happy, when we are at the table with a full glass in our hands!

Bmyproduct is a project that was born out of a sincere love for Portuguese wines and gastronomy. Who has never felt excited to have discovered a good wine, to have brought the best olive oil from the beautiful countryside or to share an ancient recipe that only our grandmothers knew, with our friends or family while we enjoy a sip of wine in the kitchen?!
We are a small team based in Portugal that aims to promote the flavors of each region and the bottle of wine we pair them with. We want to bring the experience of Portuguese products that are not easily found on the shelf of a grocery store, to every household, anywhere in the world. This is a project that supports primarily the work of the local producers and provides the final consumer with easy access to a variety of regional products that we all can celebrate.
Our store supports, therefore, responsible consumption, highlighting the work of rural producers and creating long-term relationships with these workers, connecting them with the world while we share their stories and passions.
We carefully select amazing Portuguese regional products and combine them in a box that we believe people would love, with flavors that represent Portugal, our culture, history and our people. No box is the same, diversifying products regularly depending on the season and what is on offer. The intention is to always introduce the best of Portugal to all those who have as much appetite as we do!
If you've always been a good eater and are curious to learn more about Portuguese wine and cuisine or simply have the same enthusiasm as us and want to share it with someone, join us and order your box now!