Grape varieties

We have good wines in every corner of the world, it's true... But the Portuguese wines, oh Portuguese wines... these have a different personality and are so diverse that quenching our thirst was never a problem! Portugal has a strong winemaking tradition and unique conditions for the production of excellent quality wine. We are not the ones who say it, our wines speak for themselves and are undoubtedly recognized throughout the world, with or without awards and distinctions under their belt. Do you want to know a little more about the grape varieties that are part of the wines DNA from the most privileged place in the world? Then this section is for you.



  • Alfrocheiro

Natural from the Dão region, this variety can be found in almost all regions of the country, being more expressive where it comes from and in the Alentejo. It produces rich, well-balanced wines with fine red fruit and berries aromas.

  • Alicante Bouschet

Do you like intense wines with a deep color and good structure? This variety of French origin is a dye variety, well rooted in Alentejo, a region where it produces some of its best wines. In Alentejo there are vines of this variety that are over 100 years old! In addition to the good color, its wines have an enormous aging capacity.

  • Aragonez / Tinta Roriz

Iberian variety par excellence, it is predominant in both countries and easily adaptable to different climates and soils. It usually accompanies other varieties, such as Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca in the Douro, as well as Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet in Alentejo. Usually produces wines with floral, blackberry and cherry aromas.

  • Jaen

Its territory, the Dão region. It is a vigorous but very delicate variety. Although it is not so recognized by the Portuguese consumer, its wines, when well produced, have a good color, are smooth and soft, with an intense aroma of very ripe fruit, wild berries. It is a rustic variety, but seductive.

  • Syrah

Perhaps the foreign variety that best adapted to the Portuguese climate, particularly in the Alentejo, and which in recent years has been present in the composition of good Portuguese wines. It produces soft, fruity, spicy and easy to drink wines.

  • Touriga Franca

A versatile variety with good productivity. It gives rise to high quality wines, being regularly associated with the Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional grape varieties. In Douro wines that has a greater role. It produces aromatic wines that suggest floral and blackberry notes, well balanced and with excellent aging potential.

  • Touriga Nacional

Considered by many to be the best in Portugal, touriga nacional is used in wines from Douro to Alentejo. It is a noble variety, with intense colors that gives structure and body to the wine, also giving explosive and concentrated flavors of floral and black fruits. Much appreciated in Portugal, it has excellent aging capacity.

  • Trincadeira

Also known as Tinta-Amarela in northern Portugal, in Alentejo this variety is often associated with the Aragonez variety, producing full-bodied wines with good conditions to age well in the bottle. It is a very temperamental variety, but rich in color and fruity and vegetable aromas.


  • Alvarinho

Originally from the peninsular northwest, it is the most noble and renown Iberian white grape variety. Cultivated particularly in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço where we find its best wines, with elegant, fragrant and delicate characteristics. It has an enormous aging potential, whose predominant aromas reach different levels of complexity depending on age. Its notes vary between peach, lemon, passion fruit, lychee, jasmine, orange blossom and melissa.

  • Antão Vaz

It produces excellent white wines that are fresh, full-bodied and have citrus and tropical notes, ideal for enjoying in a hot climate. It is a versatile variety capable of giving a wide range of wine styles. Harvest time is therefore an important consideration. It is a highly valued variety in the new Alentejo vineyards.

  • Arinto

Present in most of the Portuguese territory, it is an excellent choice for the summer. The wine it produces is vibrant, refreshing and with lively acidity. The aromas of green apple, lime and lemon are some of the characteristics that we can experience.

  • Encruzado

One of the rarest white grape varieties indigenous to Dão, which is characterized by producing wines of exceptional quality. It presents complex and unctuous aromas, with citric, floral and resin notes. Its wines are structured, with good alcohol content and good aging potential.

  • Loureiro

For those who appreciate Vinho Verde, there is no way not to mention this variety. Originating in the Lima river valley, it has a huge aromatic expression and gives rise to elegant wines with an intense personality. It presents aromas that allow us to taste orange blossom, acacia and linden, or even apple and peach.

  • Trajadura

From Minho origin it is often paired with Alvarinho due to its high alcohol content. Its wines have discreet aromas of peach, apricot, apple and pear, as well as orange blossom.

  • Viosinho

It is in the Douro and Trás-os-Montes that it finds its origins. It produces well-structured wines with moderate aging potential. This variety is capable of producing smooth wines, rich in alcohol, and is also suitable for port wine. It is regularly used in blended wines due to lack of vigor, freshness and aroma.