The art of harmonies

They say that wine is a shared passion and we abide! Although at Bmyproduct we are just wine enthusiasts we believe that understanding wine doesn't have to be a jigsaw puzzle. For us, a true wine enthusiast has many qualities, he is adventurous, unpretentious, he doesn't shy away from trying new things and he likes to share with his friends what he believes to be a good discovery! Part of this adventure inevitably involves gastronomy. Because a wine always gains other dimensions when a good cheese, a good cured sausage or an artisanal jam is part of the equation.

Here you can find some of our suggestions for enjoying a happy marriage between Portuguese wines and food.

Don't forget, everything is relative!

  • A lemon-seasoned fish and a dry, citrusy white wine make a good pairing. This is the "golden" rule!
  • Olives always go well with a white, red or green wine . The Galician olive is ideal not only to accompany cheeses and sausages, but also every type wine.
  • A sausage goes well with any red wine, particularly a strong sausage such as black pudding. But a richer cured meat, such as black pork, sees a more complex rewine as a good partner.
  • Black pork ham, a noble meat, will be appreciated with a wine of medium volume , discreet and with silky tannins.
  • Nisa cheese and cured goat cheese are wonderful with an elegant red or white wine. Queijo da Ilha goes well with a young red or a complex white wine. Due to the unctuousness of Azeitão cheese, a young white wine, a rosé or even a sparkling wine are the right choice.
  • Not everyone knows the designation, but Romeo and Juliet is an infallible pairing... and not always tragic! Serra da Estrela cheese with Beira marmalade are the classic flavors that best represent this term and that go well with a medium-bodied and relatively young wine.
  • The combination of salty cheeses with sweet fruits (an art that dates back to the Middle Ages) also provides unforgettable experiences. Cheese accompanied by jams can be combined with a port wine or a late harvest wine .
  • More mature, aged cheeses work best with sweet jams that don't have a lot of complexity, such as a fig compote. While smooth, creamy, and sweet cheese works best with more complex flavors. Citrus flavors or savory jams, such as tomato jam, always go well together.
  • Dried fruits can be enjoyed with a fortified or sparkling wine . But it also makes a beautiful board of cheeses and sausages that can and should be enjoyed with a table wine, red or white!
  • Also important is the presence of bread. Wheat bread, bread with raisins, seeds or aromatic herbs or thin toasts and crackers are ideal options to pair with a good cheese or sausage.
  • Wine and chocolate also go beautifully together. Bold red wines that have a bit of sugar, like Shiraz, pair well with a dark chocolate.
  • Desserts, as a rule, are paired with white or rosé green wine.
  • Rosemary honey together with sheep's cheese and a glass of medium-bodied red wine are combinations that easily convince our palate.
  • Chestnut honey, whose aromas of dry wood predominate, goes exceptionally well with a good sparkling wine and aged cheeses .