Val Moreira

Val Moreira: new Douro wines and wine tourism from the Vila Galé group...

It is one of the oldest demarcated regions in the history of wine, dating back more than 250 years. It is located in the northeast of Portuguese territory and develops along the Douro River valley. The Quinta do Val Moreira project was born from the passion of two friends for the region and Douro wines. Purchased by Jorge Rebelo de Almeida (Vila Galé) and António Parente (Madre) in 2018 and requalified for wine tourism – Vila Galé Douro Vineyards – the farm has 23 hectares dedicated to the production of Douro wines, 2 hectares of olive groves and 2 hectares of almond groves. It offers a fantastic view over the valley, where the Douro River and the Tedo River are the protagonists. Here, these two long-time friends who already produce wines in the Alentejo and Lisbon regions – Jorge Rebelo de Almeida with Santa Vitória and António Parente at Quinta de São Sebastião – developed a project that respects the organizational culture of the Douro. They aim for each bottle of Val Moreira to reveal the balance between the structure resulting from grapes that grow next to the river and the freshness of grapes that grow in vineyards at a high rate.

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