Quinta da Ribeirinha


Quinta da Ribeirinha was born in 2012, the result of a family passion and a huge taste for agriculture, instilled by the work of past generations. In lands of sustenance and fertility, the Quinta is located in three distinct regions and presents itself as a unifying project of the best Trás-os-Montes has to offer. Its farms, covering approximately 40 hectares, are located in the municipalities of Mirandela (Vale de Telhas), Vila Flor (Assares) and Alfândega da Fé (Vilares da Vilariça). These different geographical locations allow the obtaining of different products, which stand out for their quality. They rely on local, specialized and highly experienced labor and focus on maintaining traditional cultivation and harvesting processes/techniques combined with contemporary facilities/equipment.

(nd). The fifth . Quinta da Ribeirinha

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